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DONNA SAYS: " I wrote this book in an effort to bridge the gap between the ardent and avid horse racing fan and those who just don't get why we're so passionate about this sport.  Over the years I've seen so many fans, horse owners, and even jockeys and trainers who live and breathe horse racing with great joy.  Meanwhile, they end up somewhat alienated from family and/or friends who just don't get what all the fuss is over. Once I got to know some of those "family and/or friends" I realized that it's not that they know and understand horse racing and just don't like it, it's that they just don't understand the game and they don't even know where to begin.  If you're a hardcore horse racing fan, this book is not for you.  But if you'd like to understand the sport better or if you have someone you'd like to take to the races with you but they're reluctant to go, this book will certainly be worth every penny.  I hope you enjoy it and, please, CLICK HERE to leave me your feedback, thoughts, and/or suggestions."

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“As a true racing insider, Brothers is well aware of the looming intimidation factor that those who are unfamiliar with horse racing are confronted with after passing through the racetrack turnstiles. Where do I go first? Who do I bet on? Wait, how do I bet? Or even the questions people have before arriving at the racetrack; am I really supposed to wear an imposing fancy hat?... Nothing can beat the first-hand horse racing experience and Donna Barton Brothers helps acclimate new racetrackers to the thrill. So get out there. As they say, "Go baby, go!”

-Review by Nicole Mattei-Lince for the Thoroughbred Daily News (READ ENTIRE REVIEW)